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Kings Grass Autocross Supplementary Regulations: Dalefield

April 25 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Kings Grass Autocross Supplementary Regulations: Dalefield


This event is an Autocross run by Queenstown Car Club on Sunday the 25th of April 2021 at Kings Property, 64 Fitzpattrick Road, Dalefield.


It will be held under Motorsport New Zealand’s National sporting code and its appendices and schedules, including but not limited to Appendix 2, Schedule A & H & Appendix 5, schedule C as per the New Zealand MotorSport Manual #36.


Please note we are operating these regulations as per the New Zealand Governments Covid level 1 restrictions:   There will be a QR code available to use for contact tracing and all entrants will be expected to sign in either with the code or on a sign in sheet.  We will post updates and alerts on our website and our facebook page should the restriction level change.  We will operate as per Motorsport New Zealand Advises in these circumstances. 


  1. Officials


Clerk of the Course                                        Munro Tall/ Anthony Te Tau

Assistant CotC                                                Stuart Maclean

Secretary                                                         Sharron Ede 0274945010

Asst Secretary                                                 Stuart Mclean

Motorsport NZ Steward

Chief Scrutineer                                             Anthony Te Tau 0273143226

Asst Scutineer                                                 Nigel Ede

Contact:                                                          Sharron Ede 0274945010


  1. The Event


Venue:                                                Kings Property – 64 Fitzpattrick Road, Dalefield, Queenstown


Length                                                 1.2km track in undulating grass paddocks        


Scrutineering/Documentation            10.00am         


Start:                                                   11.00am


Entry fee:                                            $40.00


Classes –                                              B       0 – 1600

                                                            C       1601 & over

                                                            D       4WD



  1. Competitor requirements


Drivers must hold a minimum current drivers license or MSNZ M license.

  • All competitors and passengers must wear 100% cotton protective overalls or better approved garments. Any clothing worn under overalls must be either cotton, wool or an approved garment, this includes socks.
  • Leather or approved footwear must be worn.

All competitors and passengers must wear complete covered in footwear made of Leather or approved material.

  • All competitors and passengers must wear an approved protective helmet.
  • All passengers must sign a passenger declaration form and passenger in caged vehicles with approved seats and harnesses only.
  • These requirements are in line with the new amendments to the clothing changes by msnz.


  1. Vehicle requirements


All Vehicles will go through scrutineering. Vehicles must be in a warrantable condition.

NO Rally/Traction/Snow tyres allowed.



  1. Entries


Entry preferred before the event but will be accepted on the day if there is space available.

Preferred Entry to be done on the Motorsport New Zealand Website: Possum, but not mandatory.

Acceptance will at the Clerk of the Course’s discretion.

Event organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry in accordance with the prescribed provisions of the National Sporting code .


In signing the entry forms, competitors are deemed to fully understand the relevant

articles and regulations as contained in the Motorsport NZ manual.


  1. Pit Area


Pit Area will be in a paddock outside the event course.


  1. Health and Safety


All entrants and visitors will be made aware of any health and safety issues that may pertain to this event. The health and safety of our Club Officials and Competitors is foremost in the way the Queenstown Car Club manage their events. 



Map above of the area where the paddock is.

Map below is the Map of the paddock and the pit areas and safety plan/ site access.

If you require the maps please email us at queenstowncarclub@gmail.com and we will forward you the full sup regs. 




      Startline                              Finish Line                 Proposed Track for the day.




      Proposed Pit area             Caravan/Marshall point/Spectator area.



Competitors and crews must respect this private property, drive slowly on access roads and take all rubbish away


April 25
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Queenstown Car Club


Kings Property
64 Fitzpatrick Road
Queenstown, New Zealand
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