Under 21 Challenge Series

Queenstown Car Club Under 21 Challenge Series

The Under 21 Challenge series is to teach younger drivers to learn the skill and enjoyment of competitive driving while in a controlled environment.

To create a race series that is dedicated to persons 21 and under.

To create safer drivers by learning how a car handles while under the supervision of experienced drivers. (An undercover defensive driving course)

To bring younger members into the Queenstown Car Club and also gain involvement of their families and ensure the club keeps moving forward with the next generation.  Members do not have to just be drivers, they can be there to operate timing equipment, help with setup and be Flag Marshals.

How it Operates

The club will run a series of events each year that are basic “autocross” so members can run their own cars if they wish or be allowed to run in the club car.

The committee has the right to allow or disallow any under 21 member the use of the club car.

The Under 21 members are responsible for their own personal race equipment and to gain the written permission of parent or guardian prior to racing at each event.  (These can be found on the club website or Club Facebook Group)

If there are too many drivers for the club car thent he committee has the right to run a balloted system to pick the drivers.

If an under 21 member wishes to drive their own car it must meet all Motorsport NZ requirements and regulations of Basic Autocross events and is so at their own risk.

Under 21 members can run in other club events as long as the car they are driving meets all the conditions laid out by Motorsport NZ for that level of event.

If an Under 21 member has a concern or suggestion for the club then the Under 21 committee member is the first point of contact and or the president.

The Challenge

The club will endeavour to have annual sponsorship for the Under 21 members, to encourage the members to get involved in the sport.

Points will be awarded after each event on placing of the drivers.  At the annual prize giving the prizes awarded to the members that have gained their points over the years events.  The Under 21 members are also eligible for the Full club competition and points.